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S. Byrce

"My Son has been at the tennis club for 3 years and in my opinion (and also my son's) Andrew is an outstanding, encouraging and supportive coach who drives the children to be great tennis players!"

K. Majithia

"Andrew is a great coach who is able to tailor lessons well. I have only started playing and can already see improvements in my game!" 

A. Colman

Andrew understands tennis. He is great at spotting weaknesses and communicating ways to overcome them. His passion for the game means that he never stops learning about techniques, tactics and coaching methods. Every lesson has structure and purpose and is also enjoyable. If you are looking for a tennis coach, I would highly recommend Andrew. 

G. Pilides

"Andrew's Team Practise sessions are great fun, while we focus on different strokes & team play including how to react to your partners & opposition play to win matches.

M. Anees

"Andrew is a fab coach with a great passion for the game. He also has a nice sense of humour & he is a lot of fun. I keep hearing esoteric voices, so get easily distracted, but he has still managed to help me with my backhand fundamentals & serve motion. Feel free to render his services if you wish to improve your game.

S. Majithia

"Andrew is a great coach who makes learning tennis fun"
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